Business Personal Property Rendition Tool

This free site will guide you through the nuances of completing the rendition form (called property reporting in some states) while:
Save Time: You are provided tips on how to quickly complete the rendition form. The appraisal district instructions suggest providing extensive detail on personal property bought by year and by type. We help you utilize a much simpler process which also reduces your personal property taxes.
Save Money: The method of completing the form suggested by appraisal districts is best for them but not for you. It takes more time and is used to estimate an unreasonable valuation for your business personal property. Our method takes less time and will reduce your personal property taxes.
Avoid the penalty for not rendering: Using this simple process, you can complete the rendition form in 5 to 10 minutes, avoid the penalty and likely reduce your personal property taxes.
In summary, we walk you through the process and provide tips on what to do depending on your situation.
O’Connor’s mission is to save you time and money. There is no fee for this service for property owners. You should be able to reduce the time required by 50 to 90% and the personal property taxes by 30 to 50%.

Start by watching this 1:30 video that provides on overview of the process, what appraisal districts request and what is really required (MUCH less than they request).

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NOTE: Pursuant to Tax Code Section 22.26(b), when a corporation is required to file this report, an officer of the corporation or an employee or agent who has been designated in writing by the board of directors or by an authorized officer to sign in behalf of the corporation must sign the report.
  • have the property owner’s consent;
  • have a security interest on Jan. 1 in the property which has an historical cost when new of over $50,000; and
  • meet the filing requirements of Tax Code Section 22.01.
Important Note: This section is for leasing companies. If you own the property, do not complete this. You do not need to check “Yes” or “No”. Just skip this section.

Property Information
Appraisal district property account number or identification number (if known):
Under Tax Code Section 22.01(f), if the personal property rendered has an aggregate value of less than $20,000, the rendition may contain only the name and address of the property owner, a general description of the property by type or category and the physical location or taxable situs of the property. Complete the table below or a spreadsheet setting forth the required information may be submitted. All such information must be separately identified in a manner that conforms to the column headers used in the table.
Property Description by Type/Category Good Faith Estimate of Market Value**
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NOTICE REGARDING PENALTIES FOR MAKING OR FILING A REPORT CONTAINING A FALSE STATEMENT: If you make a false statement on this form, you could be found guilty of a Class A misdemeanor or a state jail felony under Section 37.10, Penal Code.
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  • that I have read and understand the Notice Regarding Penalties for Making or Filing a Report Containing a False Statement.
NOTE: If the person filing and signing this report is not the property owner, an employee of the property owner, an employee of a property owner signing on behalf of an affiliated entity of the property owner or a secured party as defined by Tax Code Section 22.01, the signature below must be notarized.
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** If the good faith estimate of market value is provided, the historical cost when new and year acquired are not required. Good faith estimate of market value is not admissible in a subsequent protest, hearing, appeal, suit or other proceeding under the Property Tax Code involving the property except for proceedings to determine whether a person complied with rendition requirement; proceedings for determination of fraud or intent to evade tax; or a protest under Tax Code Section 41.41.
*** If the historical cost when new and year acquired are provided, the good faith estimate of market value is not required.